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Part 2 of the shoot with kabukikid!
Serenity is me/ moonbunnycosplay!

Look at this cutie!!! More to come!

I wanted to share this wallpaper I made. Someone stop me. Cosplay made and worn by moonbunnycosplay (I am not against having my friends as my wallpaper)

I had fun at Animarathon! Saw my long lost loves Rini and Kuma :D

Free comic book day! So my local store is packrat comics, also seen in batman 713! (Probably my favorite comic with Dd in it!) The fcbd event was hugggge, we were in line for maybe 45 minutes but we had a lot of fun. One of my favorite things I witnessed all day (pictured above) was two Jedis and a storm trooper, now a little kid dressed as iron man starting freaking out when the Jedis were fighting the storm trooper and just clasped his hands over his face in true fanboy fashion it was so flippin cute, then the Jedis acted like they were shot and begged Iron man to save them haha the boy went to his mother and asked for his gloves so he could then shoot the storm trooper! Ah! Other than running around and admiring some costumes I went to tea time with deadpool, I LOVE deadpool but I didn’t love the panel, and we were sort of surrounded by other people and were trapped in the panel! Haha anyways I had a lot of fun over all with my friends so that’s what matters! I didn’t get any pictures of my costume either, but that’s okay too!

I don’t have any pictures of my full costume yet

This is my best friend

Her name is Am. (Well that’s what I call her she goes by a few names.)


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Have I ever warned you guys that I badllllly over edit photos with photoshop. It makes me SO happy. and I laugh joyously the whole time. 

My version of a hot date is cosplaying my OTPs with someone.


Here, have some photos of Esa and Cain from Ohayocon~!

this is so glorious. My Justin Beiber cosplay is epic.


Myself as Allison Argent

Photo by Rene; @ Ohayocon, 2013

Cutest Allison

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Playing Doctor Who

Cosplay in 2012

I originally wasn’t going to post this but I thought it would be good, if not for anything else, to see improvement (hopefully) next year. 

This year was full of disappointments. I told myself I was going to have wonderful craftsmanship but due to time and money restraints that didn’t happen. It is a step up from previous costumes but I’m not really happy with any of my costumes. That being said here they are! I might even talk a bit about them.

Robin was my first “superhero” cosplay, I made the belt and cape but had to rush the rest of the costume and I had no idea what I was doing! I was never happy with the “bodysuit” portion and meant to redo it but never got around to it. I only wore it to one convention but I took plenty of photos in it!

Superboy, oh Superboy. This costume was a nightmare, I haven’t any clue as to why I decided to make a bodysuit like this with no pattern or experience. All in all I am a bit proud of it, even though now there are so many things I would have done differently. I absolutely plan on remaking this costume, I love being Conner so much. This is the only costumes in my 9 years of conventions that I’ve worn to two conventions!

These pictures aren’t in chronological order but next on our list is Wonder Woman! I have always wanted to be Wonder Woman. Since I was a child. I didn’t have a chance to make proper boots or get a proper wig but everything else I’m pretty pleased with! I ran through so many hardships like not being able to sew the fabric with my machine, so the entire top was handsewn and ended up being a little too big. 

I love Miku Hatsune, I know that shes over done but I had a lot of fun in this school girl rendition. I even made a leek backpack!

Rarity was mostly a closet cosplay I just added some accessories and made my ears and horn. I loved being invited to Rini’s mlp group though!

Lastly Zack, I have done Zack before and it was awful! This time I did so much work! I custom dyed all the fabric and made all the patterns. My sword looks awful under that lighting and again so many things I would differently now! 

That’s that! My cosplay year! 


… I’m a very happy person and I can’t hold a grump face if someone is looking at me. Especially such a dramatic grump face.  

Derek Is Online To Answer Questions


So come ask some and hope to whatever god you believe in that you don’t get your face ripped off. Or your throat ripped out with my teeth, like I’m going to do to Stiles for putting these stupid things on my head.


Go! Look at that face! you have to ask questions!

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