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I ❤ my tumblr (and maybe one day real life) wife

The Damian to my Grayson

My forever girl

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Most tumblr users I know (present company included)


I am not my own. For I have been made new.

Please don’t let me go. I desperately need you.

-Meteor Shower by Owl City

This is one of my fav singer’s song, and I wanted to draw this birdflash when I saw this fanvid x) 


by ailea-in-slumberland

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Happy YJ New years haha this is what should have happened ;m;

I drew this with Solo-Dono in mind I feel like she needs some BirdFlash after the Spitfire we’ve had to endure *cries* 

Club can’t even handle me right now

So apparently this happened

Wally read the Harry Potter books to prove to M’gann that he’s into the mystic arts, He decided he didn’t want to be a Weasley, he wants to be  Harry.


I blame the fact that I’ve slept for 5 hours in the past three days. 

I have BirdFlash on the brain

Don’t I look bad?

Haha seriously Bart Allen I can’t stop thinking of you today